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10 reasons why I love Bitcoin


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1) You don’t have to physically carry it around. You can ditch the paper or plastic and free up your precious pocket space.

2) More people and places are starting to accept it, from coffee shops, to real estate owners, this is a currency gaining traction and seems to be gaining worldwide acceptance.

3) Bitcoin was created by software people who wanted to hack the financial world and create a better system after the market collapse in 2008.

4) It’s decentralized, no need for any 3rd party to babysit your transaction and take a piece of it.

5) Bitcoin is like a bank that’s never closed, this currency is moving and available 24/7.

6) In developing nations, this technology is enabling more practical applications that will enable transparency and combat corruption in governments.

7) The Bitcoin community has quality meme and gif game.

8) As a Bitcoin HODLer you feel a camaraderie with this type of savings vehicle.

9) The community has backing from the smartest in the world, from top notch developers to successful VCs — the brightest minds are excited about the application, design, and future of Bitcoin.

10) The price keeps going up and to the right!

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Take this into account though whats their motivation for backing it though? They know fiat still as always is the standard there is no changing that plain and simple so why not invest then promote for a bit then cash out back to what will still be there after all the regulations destroy what they already know will fail. Dont get me wrong in theory bitcoin is great but its only a blip on histories monetary timeline dont forget that.

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