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part 2 to the "wheel pizza strategy"

Monstrous Eberto

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see my other post to better understand the wheel pizza strategy. read the post here:  how to better guess which segment level to bet on

so i've talked about the segment but i also want to point out how you can better guess what risk level to be betting on as well.

so playing at low risk level is nice but heres why i play there and what im acctually watching for. 


the 0.0 white spot next to the 1.5 green spot, is what i'm watching. because when this is a hot spot you'll want to be betting at a high risk level or medium risk level. that way youll win. 

i change the risk level below.


high risk level would have been a 9.9x payout but i was betting low risk. 

and next on medium risk level:


medium risk would also have won with a 3x payout. 


so keep your eye on white next to green if playing low risk. and purple if playing medium risk cause you could be playing high risk and be making lots more money if these spots are hot. 

Stay tuned for Pizza Party event. i'm going to suggest it to admin staff to see if we can have a party! 


So now i've shown what my wheel pizza strategy is; a real piece of strat. Ay G. yea. I Hope to see more wins on wheel now that you've been enlightened. multilingual people are the best people ever. i'm not one. but i'd be super happy to see these two posts properly  translated. translate this if you can to your own language so more can know that wheel is a game with lots of opportunity waiting for us to win.

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