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Some basic games itriductin


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- Hash Dice: You can deposit like $30 worth of coins lets say we deposit Tron and run hashdice on auto with simple script and multiplier 1.0102x (which is the lowest) and leave it on.

2- Crash: Same as hashdice you can run simple auto script to cashout on 1.01x and keep it going to wager on crashgame

3- Crash Pro:  As you know BC has launched new Crash pro game where you can bet on Red or Green you can wager way quickly on that game and with risk of just 0.04% of losses. What you have to do is bet like $10 worth of coins on both sides (yes you can bet on both side) and if red appears you loose just the 0.04% of the amount nothing big.

4- Roulette: Same as crash pro you can both sides on roulette as well to wager faster but there is more risk on roulette if 0 appear you will lose both the hands but its also one good option.


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